The GET OUT Programme


The GET OUT programme

GET OUT aims to achieve its mission through a carefully-designed three-part programme. Young participants will spend time learning about environmental issues, work together in planning and problem-solving ahead of their field trip and then enjoy the magic of a surfing adventure in the natural world.

This is a free programme, and GET OUT will provide participants with all suitable outdoor clothing and equipment. 



Every successful expedition begins indoors, and those setting off on the GET OUT adventure will first take part in an interactive three-hour session learning about one of the natural world's most pressing problems - plastic pollution.

We don't want to lecture our young participants, so we'll be encouraging them to work in groups to come up with their own solutions to a problem which now affects communities almost everywhere.

Each group will then give a presentation of their ideas which the GET OUT team will assess based on effort. Those who have put in the effort will move on to the second part of the programme...



We want our participants to enjoy an amazing experience in the natural world, and that means planning a safe and action-packed trip. All those aiming to go on the outdoor adventure must attend GET OUT headquarters to play a full part in that planning.

Working in groups, our young people will receive a briefing on their trip before collaborating to come up with their own risk-assessment, logistics plan, itinerary and full kit list.

Each group will then present that plan to the GET OUT team, who will assess participants' understanding, effort and contribution to the planning process. Once the team is satisfied, it's time for stage three..


3. THE outdoor ADVENTURE 

This is where the magic happens and where the hard work of stages one and two really pays off. The outdoor adventure consists of two nights camping - in Devon for a surfing expedition.

Our expeditions feature camping, hiking, bushcraft and sessions where we follow up on the environmental issues discussed during the indoor programme. 

Participants do not need to bring anything with them on this part of the programme other than the clothes they would normally wear. All camping equipment and suitable clothing will be provided throughout the adventuring.