The Team

The GET OUT team is wide and varied, and includes many volunteers whose help in shaping our story is greatly appreciated. We are currently recruiting an Advisory Board made up of members of the Tower Hamlets community. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact

Our Board of Trustees is made up of five people with different backgrounds and expertise, while the day-to-day management of the charity is the responsibility of founder and director Kieran Harkin.

Here's a bit more information about Kieran and GET OUT's two ambassadors, surfing champion Sophie Hellyer and actor Nabhaan Rizwan...


Kieran surf.jpg


Kieran was on his way to begin a law degree in Manchester when he decided instead to follow his heart and pursue a career protecting the environment. Twelve years on from earning an Msc in Environmental Management, he has never once regretted the change of heart.

Kieran's career has taken him to the remote Botswana bush and the Nepalese Himalayas where he has spent long periods leading groups of young people in wilderness areas. He has more than a decade's experience working on conservation projects for non-profit organisations.

Kieran strongly believes that all people must be engaged with the natural world to ensure its protection, a vision which led him to found GET OUT.


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Sophie Hellyer

Sophie is a former British surfing champion, avid environmentalist, public speaker and cold water swimmer.

She is passionate about protecting our oceans and empowering women. She is determined to reshape the visual narrative of surfing, fostering a more healthy, diverse and inclusive sporting culture.

“Surfing has given me everything from tools to deal with depression and anxiety to environmental awareness, my community and even my career. I want everyone to have access to surfing which is why I support GET OUT as an ambassador”.



Nabhaan is an actor who is born and bred in east London.

He landed his first ever on-screen role as the lead in the Neal Street Productions’ six-part thriller INFORMER alongside Paddy Considine and Bel Powley which is aired on BBC one and Iplayer. Prior to this Nabhaan trained at ALT Actors Group and the Boy's Project at The Royal Court. He is also currently part of the prestigious Royal Court Young writers programme and records his own music.

“Being from London I understand what it’s like to live in a big city and feel there is no life beyond the inner city. I support GET OUT as an ambassador as I believe access to the natural world and outdoor education should be available to all people regardless of their background”.